For over 60 years, The Willow Creek Insurance Agency has been based in Barnesville, Minnesota. Some folks over the years have confused our lovely town with a suburb of Minneapolis, about 250 miles to the South, called Burnsville. There are many fine agencies in the land of the Burnsville Blaze, but if you want a local agency that serves Northwestern Minnesota, North Dakota, and snowbirds in Arizona, it’s Willow Creek.

So, we hope you’ll indulge us and spend time with our homegrown new online serial “Barnesville, Not Burnsville” and the misguided adventures of a man who lost his way and found his soul – in Barnesville. Enjoy!




                          You really know Jack
                                                                             I’ve known Jack Foster for years and this series perfectly represents both how charismatic and caring he is,
                                                                             particularly when
it comes to our local community.

                         Oscar worthy? Maybe one day.
                                                                            This is a truly colorful look at the land of Potato Days and far more compelling than the average Medicare

                          Blazing with rage
                                                                             I’m from Burnsville, what gives?!